The Altamira story

Weaving has been a tradition in Susan‘s family for generations and her two grandmothers relied on their weaving skills as a way to financially support their children.

Concepcion Altamirano

Susan’s maternal grandmother Conception Altamirano has nine children. She started weaving sweaters to help support her children alongside her husband.  Concepcion and her husband migrated from rural areas Apurimac to the urban area Lima.
Concepcion and Susan

Rosa Perez

Susan’s paternal grandmother Rosa Perez, a widow raising five children, started knitting scarves and sold them in the street markets. She migrated from the rural area Huanza to Lima city.
Rosa Perez
Susan always admires all strong females in their families. Her mom Ana Maria encourage her to make this dream comes true.
Concepcion and her daughter Ana Maria