Alpaca Vs Cashmere

Alpaca Vs Cashmere




We’ve talked about the benefits and properties of baby alpaca fiber. In the fashion industry exists another fiber that is similar but not the same. We refer to Cashmere. Also, cashmere fiber isn’t environmentally friendly because manufacturers need a lot of this fiber and they start to increase the herd sizes in China. The overgrazed has damaged this region and for that reason, there are frequent dust storms. 

In the case of baby alpaca fiber, this is natural and incredibly soft. The garments are of very high quality since Peruvian weavers worry about every detail. And, they are well-known for these characteristics:

 It has a unique feel. If we compare to cashmere, alpaca yarn is softer and more durable. You have to feel the softness in your skin, not only by touching. 

 In the world, there are only 4 million alpacas. They're not so common, but they have similar and better qualities than cashmere goats. Alpaca garments are eco-friendly since they can last longer. Also, alpacas can supply the demand for their fiber sustainably, in other words, isn’t necessary to increase the herd size. 

We’re concerned that alpaca is rare than cashmere, but alpaca fiber is creating a premium name in the fashion world, brands like Armani, Max Mara, and Loro Piana have started implementing this luxury and sustainable material.